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Skoda electronic bikes in Guernsey

Cycling is a regular pastime on the island enjoyed by many, particularly ambling about on a warm sunny day near the beach. With our eBikes you can comfortably extend your cycle use the whole year round, enjoying a powerful yet economical electric motor to assist you on the hills and in traffic.

These electric bikes are primarily designed for cycling around town and down the lanes in comfort. The low, two step-over frame makes getting on and off a breeze.  The bikes are fitted with a mudguard for poor weather and the rack is ideal for attaching a basket or  bag for shopping / work commutes. The electric bikes also come equipped with lights, so that you can feel safe cycling in the early mornings and at night.

We have models available with frames sizes / weights suitable for a woman or a man. Both feature a modern Shimano 'STEPS' electric motor with modes for economy and additional power when needed.

Available now on Guernsey from Paul's Motors, we would encourage you to visit our showroom to see these bikes for yourself as they really do offer an excellent combination of quality and economy for their cost. 


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